Get3D Reaction
Real-time drone 3D scene-modeling software
for emergency response
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It is crucial to rapidly create 3D scenes with drones
in emergency response
Drones take flight, 3D Modeling begins
Real-time 3D modeling
3D Modeling a Square Kilometer in Under 5 Minutes
Laptop + Drone: Your site-work toolkit for 3D Modeling anywhere
Solo Operation
On-site 3D modeling can be completed by a single person
Easy to Use
Site work made simple: Easy operation, expert results
3D Modeling Efficiency
Compatible with drone
Get3D Reaction + DJI M3E
Get3D Reaction Compatible with DJI M3E: Easy setup for immediate use
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Get3D Reaction + More...
Get3D Reaction is compatible with other drones
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Easy to Use
Fly your DJI M3E to capture the Aerial Images
Device Connection:
DJI M3E and laptop integrated into a same project
Real-time 2D and 3D Modeling
Real-Time output:
2D orthomosaic map (DOM), 3D Mesh model
Fully automatic:
stable algorithms ensure the success of modeling
Visual and Analysis
2D Map and 3D Model visualization
Measurement tools:
Single person on-site operation
One person equipped with a drone and laptop can create real-time 3D modeling
for rapid scene assessment in emergency situations
Geographic space information at your fingertips
  • Real-time evacuation guidance. Evacuation made easy: DOM + escape routes
  • Export format: .geotif
3D Model
  • 3D Models provide crucial information for resource coordination: Damage assessment
    guides efficient response
  • Export format: .OSGB , .3DTitles
Application Scenarios
Get3D Reaction has been widely used in various emergency scenarios, supporting effective
reaction with real-time generated 3D modeling
Emergency Rescue
Debris Flows
Snow Rescue
Public Safety
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