Get3D Mapper
Unleash the Power of Photogrammetry
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Why choose Get3D Mapper?
A large-scale photogrammetric 3D cluster modeling software that enables quick and accurate aerial triangulation and reconstruction.
High Precision
Self-developed high-precision algorithm.
Generate 3D models with millimetre accuracy to meet acceptance requirements.
Highly Automated
Minimal human interaction.
Automatically complete Aerial Triangulation and Reconstruction with little manual intervention.
Simple Operation
Easy to use and learn.
Provide detailed User Tutorials and Help Manual to assist users at any time.
Robust AT
High robustness and efficiency.
Simultaneous bundle adjustment of multidate, multisource and multiscale data.
Supported Data Source
Aerial photos
Close-range images
LiDAR point clouds
Multiple Output Result
Multi-source Data Modeling
Fusing multi-source data to generate more accurate 3D models.
Photos + LiDAR Point Cloud
Aerial Photos
Aerial Photos + Close-range Photos
All data can be easyly imported and visualized.
Clear and Concise Workflow
Import and Visualization
Aerial Triangulation
Detailed Reports
View Models
Other Features
Cluster Computing
Efficient processing of bundle adjustment and modeling on multiple computing nodes.
Collaborative Point-marking
Allow users to mark control points simultaneously to improve efficiency.
Batch Processing Task Engine
Concise and clear task engine for batch addition of computing nodes.
Model Case