Flexible Plans & Pricing
Software solutions to digitize reality through photogrammetry and enable you to achieve your goals in every stage of work
Get3D Mapper
Unleash the Power of Photogrammetry
$4900(4900) Billed yearly, excl. taxes
Unlimited Photos Import(5000 Photos for trail)
Multi-source Data Modeling
Multiple Output Result
Clear and Concise Workflow
Cluster Computing
Collaborative Point-marking
Adapts to NVlDlA graphics card. The minimum CUDAversion that can be used is NVlDlA64 11.2
Get3D Viewer
Free for Super Fast 3D Model Viewer
$49 for VIP
$ 490 Billed yearly, excl. taxes
VIP Features:
Model Cropping
Coordinate Conversion
Get3D Reaction
Real-time drone 3D scene-modeling
$ 6999 Perpetual License (1 device), excl. taxes
Perpetual software license
Real-time 3D modeling
Solo Operation
Easy to Use
1.The software run on Windows 10 or above (64-bit).
2.Minimum system requirements: 32GB of RAM and an Nvidia graphics card with a CUDA compute capability of 7.5 or above (6GB GDDR6).
3.The software is only sold with an online license. During use, the user's device needs to connect to the internet to verify the authorization periodically (at least once a year) to ensure that the authorization is available.
Get3D Viewer User Privileges
Try Get3D Mapper solutions for free
Free 30-day plan. Limit of 5,000 photos per project.
Frequently asked questions
Can I try Get3D software for free at first?
We offer a 30-day trial period for each user who registers an account, during which they can try out all the features of the software and build projects without restrictions. It should be noted that the number of photos in a single project cannot exceed 5,000.
What are my payment options?
We recommend using PayPal as a payment method, which is intended to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.
Can l purchase just one month?
Yes, we support a minimum license period of 1 month and a maximum license period of 3 years.
Can I get trained on the software?
We have extensive help documentation to answer your questions, and whether you're trying a trial or a full version, you can always contact our technical support staff to ask questions.
Can I change or cancel my subscription?
We do not offer online refunds for purchased permissions. If your situation is really complicated, you can contact the licensor and our official email address for a briefing. You can forfeit payment at any time for an order that has not yet been paid.