Get3D 5 Eye Camera Series
Five-lenses Oblique Camera
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Five-view Camera
Built-in Image Encryption
The Get3D 5 Eye Camera is very stable, ultra-lightweight,
and adaptable to a wide range of drones.
Image Encryption
Customized modular camera
Built-in encryption module
Ensure data security from acquisition
Encrypted Storage
High-performance dedicated storage devices
Bidirectional port authentication
Security of data storage guaranteed
61 Megapixels

45 Megapixels
Enhanced image quality delivered by a full-frame
back-illuminated image sensor.
CNC machined aerospace aluminium alloy body for the
5 Eye Camera Series
Keep the weight of the camera to a minimum
Achieve a larger area of image coverage per sortie
Global shutter dramatically
reduces distortion and blurring
in raw images
Maximum shutter speed 1/2300 sec
Avoids jelly effect
*The global shutter is implemented through a central
blade-type mechanism.