Get3D assists Saudi Arabia in building the new city of the future, NEOM

3D reconstruction technology for smart cities.

3D models are the infrastructure for building the future world, and Get3D helps Saudi Arabia explore the construction of a new future city, NEOM, by processing laser point clouds and high-precision aerial images to form a spatial digital base with semantic information, and creating a “cloud-native urban intelligence hub spatial and temporal computing service”.

To take advantage of the spatio-temporal computing services of the Smart City Hub, Get3D realises high-precision 3D reconstruction of NEOM’s city.Then,We combined with AI analysis and IoT sensing technology, it enables NEOM city management to access all kinds of city operation signs, providing effective monitoring parameters for smart city construction, environmental protection, traffic and other assessments.



With the support of the spatio-temporal computing service of the Smart City Hub, the efficiency of the city sandbox construction is increased by more than 10 times. The cycle of city sign perception is increased from the original quarterly unit to a weekly unit.

Currently, Get3D is actively engaged in 3D model processing technology services and applications to provide a spatio-temporal digital pedestal for the construction of digital twin cities around the world, and to help explore new modes of urban governance.