Cloud-based 3D image modeling for more efficient Distributed Solar Photovoltaics system design

More accurate, intelligent and efficient 3D visualisation solutions for photovoltaic design.

In the photovoltaic(PV) industry, it is usually the use of drone aerial photography and on-site surveys to collect data, manually record the shadow range, the location of the PV panels, the direction, inclination and other information to complete the program vector drawing, and then procurement of professional software for the design of models and layout rendering, the whole process is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Get3D Cloud, an online modeling cloud platform, provides accurate, intelligent and efficient 3D visualization solutions for PV module arrangement, PV system design and optimization by generating high-precision real-life 3D models of PV sites and carrying out intelligent shadow light analysis, which is applicable to both centralized and distributed PV application scenarios.

Automatic modeling

By uploading the images taken by the drone in Get3D Cloud, a high-precision 3D model of the area can be automatically generated. The accuracy of the model is better than 5cm, carrying geographic information such as latitude, longitude, elevation, etc., which can provide accurate 3D visualization data for measuring the distance, elevation difference, and area of the house at a later stage.

Shadow analysis

Shadow shading will have a considerable impact on the operating life of the PV system, the overall power generation, and the revenue, so we need to calculate the shadow shading range of the area where the power plant is located in the preconstruction stage of the plant.

The high-precision 3D model generated by Get3D Cloud can accurately restore the shapes and positions of buildings, trees and other obstacles (daughter walls, chimneys, water heaters, exhaust facilities) in the real environment, taking into account the height, shape and layout of the buildings, the types of trees, their growth, etc., more accurately simulate the formation and change of the sun’s trajectory and shadows, and display the shadow distribution visually, thus providing reliable shadow analysis results for the scheduling and installation of PV modules. Distribution of shadows, visualizing the location, area and duration of shadows, thus providing reliable shadow analysis results for the arrangement and installation of PV modules.

Building Shadow Analysis

Multi types of results and multi-terminal display

Get3D Cloud can efficiently integrate data from multiple sources, support BIM model and CAD data overlay, and realize information interoperability between geographic scenes and engineering design. For project management, it supports timeline multi-period comparison browsing, dual-screen and roll-up comparison, which allows project personnel to visualize the difference changes of the project area at different times, understand the project situation, and meet the needs of project reporting and management.

At the same time, Get3D Cloud has built-in lightweight technology, which can realize the 3D lightweight display of PV design solutions on mobile (tablet PC, cell phone), making project reporting, results display and project acceptance more convenient.

Based on Get3D Cloud’s 3D reconstruction and analysis capabilities, users can carry out one-stop operations such as building measurement, shadow analysis, irradiation analysis, module layout, electrical configuration, and output of results, which improves the overall efficiency of PV design and PV project implementation.