Application of 3D digital technology in mine management

3D visualization models provide scientific and efficient solutions for mine engineering.

In the past, mining operations tended to rely on human labor and were inefficient.With Get3D Cloud’s cloud-based 3D reconstruction and analysis technology, we can build a detailed 3D model of the mining area to visualize the topography, geological features and distribution of mineral resources, and provide scientific data for the design of the mining plan.

Cloud-based piercing point modeling to create highly accurate models

The 12,072 photos of the mining area collected by the drone were uploaded to Get3D Cloud, and 3D reconstruction was performed using the “RTK positioning + cloud piercing point” function, with the photo inclusion rate reaching 100% and the average error of model accuracy within 1cm, which meets the accuracy requirements for 3D modelling in mines.

3D model generated by Get3D Cloud

Multiple data outputs for scientific analysis

Get3D Cloud not only generates OSGB and OBJ model data, but also automatically generates DSM (Digital Surface Model) and DOM (Digital Orthorectification Model) for mining analysis.

DOM+DSM Model Results

By importing the DSM into GIS software and obtaining the topographic contours, we can carry out the analysis of mine resource reserves to determine the construction scale of the mine and demonstrate the feasibility and reasonableness of the construction plan.

Mine terrain contours

Digital Marking and Calculation for Rational Planning

Users can digitally annotate points, lines and surfaces of the model in Get3D Cloud. The volume calculation function can be used to quickly determine the excavation volume, and the elevation calculation function can be used to quickly calculate the local elevation for rational planning of the mine construction and operation.

Area marking

Multi-temporal comparative analysis to restore green ecology

Through Get3D Cloud, the real-life 3D models before and after the ecological restoration of mines can be visualized on a computer screen, which intuitively, three-dimensionally and realistically shows the impact of mining activities on the surrounding environment and the environment of the mines after the ecological restoration, and provides objective and intuitive scientific evaluation support for the construction of green mines, and at the same time serves as the basis for the acceptance of the project.

Comparison of the mine before and after greening

With the above capabilities, Get3D Cloud can provide a one-stop, full-process solution for mine management, realizing scientific decision-making and efficient supervision of mine management.